Here to help.

No matter how fun or immersive a game is, one misspelled word will distract and annoy your players. We’re gamers too. We care about your game almost as much you do. Hire us to help make your stories

Storefront rewrite
flat fee

Rework your store description

Convert views to downloads

Impress potential clients

Includes text in screenshots and trailer

per word

Minor localization

Fix spelling mistakes and typos

Improve formatting

Remove inconsistencies

per word

Includes proofreading

Make non-native English sound natural

Imprive tone and quality of writing

Add style and structure


Make your ideas come to life

Add new, unique stories to your game

Expand the game world

Introduce believable and interesting characters

Which do I need?
  • Proofreading: I have a good story, but want to make sure it is free of grammatical mistakes, errors and inconsistencies.
  • Editing: My story is written by a non-English speaker.
  • Writing: I have no text.
Can you edit other types of writing?

Yes! While we specialize in games, over the years we have worked with authors, journalists, bloggers, YouTubers, students and businesses. You have the text, we have the editors. Our rates will vary based on the work required and may even be lower than the ones above. Don't be afraid to ask!

Do you do copywriting?
In short - no. Though the answer depends on your industry: if you're in tech, gaming, or science, then maybe! Send us a brief of what you need and we might be able to work something out.