The Process

The Team

Like many, I always loved the variety of experiences in mobile gaming. But for me the real joy comes from talking to the people behind those games - you, the developers. Years ago I sought out ways to connect to developers - through social media, email, forums and so on. Then something amazing happened. One day I was volunteering to fix spelling mistakes in a game I loved; the next day an appreciative developer asked me for an invoice - they were my first client!

That was in 2010. It turned out writing and editing was more than just my passion - it was a valuable and in-demand service! So I continued freelancing while studying through university. I have a degree in Psychology, but writing always captivated me - so much so that I also work for an international software company as a technical writer. That’s why is now a small team!

We all love the games you make, but game development is hard. We’re here to help your stories stand out.