Boost customer confidence

Good documentation makes your product look great.
It’s a two-for-one: prospective customers are impressed and existing customers are satisfied.

Reduce support costs

Every customer that can find answers themselves
is one less call to your support.

Improve accessibility

Writing is more than just words, and people learn in different ways.
I can create text, image, and video documentation to suit your team and customers.

Maintain knowledge

How many changes does your product go through?
I can make sure your documentation is well-maintained and up to date.

Focus your team

Your staff are experts at what they do. Let them focus on the work they’re great at, instead of documentation.

Speed up onboarding

New staff need training, resources, and time.
Speed up all of that with self-driven internal resources.


A sample from a knowledge base article, part of an introductory “Getting Started” guide.

I designed and implemented callout and navigation elements; and developed a style, branding and language guides for consistent look and feel.

Snippet from a video guide: written, produced and animated. Everything but the voiceover.

A few pages from a step-by-step PDF process guide. Click to see more slides.

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